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What Makes for Great Customer Data?

Posted by Janice O'Driscoll on February 21, 2018 at 10:33 AM

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Data is all the rage these days. Open any industry journal, attend any conference, or simply sit in on a marketing meeting, and you’re sure to hear the need for your data to be “robust,” “relevant,” and “targeted.” However it’s framed, the objective of data is to ensure it has the power not only to drive sales now, but also to continue profitable business for years ahead.

Working with hundreds of customers and prospects, we know the importance of a smart data strategy. And we also understand the challenge, as finding time to focus on such activity — and doing so economically — is tough to do while managing everyday operations.

Still, we’ve learned much from our own efforts as well as those of our clients. To create a great customer list, follow these three important steps:

Strategic Targeting — At first glance, this may seem obvious. Yet, “accuracy” covers a lot more than doing AEC (Address Element Correction) and deduplication. Spend time identifying your best customers. This may vary based on your size and growth objectives. First, consider who buys your most profitable offerings and how frequently. Next, think about what prospects could benefit from your wares. Is it a particular industry, entity size, function, or even political or social status? Determine a scope of likely characteristics and build your list accordingly.

Intelligent Data Capture — Many companies try to collect every last detail on every client and prospect. And many times, this is attempted at the initial encounter. While it’s great to be thorough, you can scare off potential customers or end up collecting an overwhelming mess. Once you determine your best customers, analyze them for their top 5 or 10 traits, and collect elements that speak to these traits at multiple touchpoints and exchanges. Split your data capture process among print, social, and email outreach. Put in a “thank you” or “check in” call and refine these.

Creativity / Utility — By fine-tuning your data capture process, you can be assured to have a usable, practical marketing list. Now, you can do great things! Don’t simply add their name in the salutation or opening note. Creativity can add relevance and impact. Change your “2018 Dress Catalog” to “Jamie’s Best Outfits for 2018.” Add a picture of your customer’s last purchase with a suggestion for a coordinating product or a “Love this shirt? Buy a second for $10 off.” Or, do a promo using their street name, year of birth, or pet’s or child’s name in the copy. This approach will seem more genuine, while subtly showing the recipient you understand them better than others who are just stating their name.

Combined, these efforts can help you create the great customer list you desire.

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