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How to Create the Perfect Holiday Card

Posted by Janice O'Driscoll on November 28, 2017 at 2:30 PM

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As the end of year approaches, many businesses can get overwhelmed, finding themselves barely able to accommodate workloads, much less manage other important functions. This can mean skimping on your customer holiday message, or worse — sending an e-card!

Still, your holiday greeting is far more than an annual obligation. It can be part of your overall marketing plan. Done well, your holiday card is integral in connecting with customers, intriguing new prospects, and building your brand. What better time to boost  business than when customers are joyful and planning next year’s budget?

Capitalize on this year’s opportunity by creating the perfect business holiday greeting with the message, format, and offers that put you ahead. Think through three key areas:

The Message — How much business is really gained by a generic “Happy Holidays” or photo of your office staff? Do these niceties really entice people to call you and send more business your way? This year, think different. Craft a message about thankfulness and value. Personalize content with your customers’ purchasing history or even a recent experience. Add in comments about a specific project or transaction. Reach out to meet your customer on a closer, more intimate scale, and get them thinking about how much they value you. Consider adding a pURL or an intriguing link. Do you have the budget and in-house creative to do a fun holiday video, create a game, or do an app? Such elements could make your greeting much more memorable and even get your clients to share it with colleagues and friends. What a great way to gain new prospects!

The Format — A captivating holiday card is one that’s unexpected. Do something different than the traditional greeting card in an envelope. Think about a long accordion fold, an oversized diecut piece, or a dimensional mailer with a popup. Add scented inks or coatings. If you plan your specs well, you can eliminate the costs and need for an envelope, while letting your design command immediate attention. With digital printing, there are plenty of creative possibilities that can be done at economical costs. At Digital Lizard, we offer cool finishing techniques such as foil stamping and embossing/debossing — and all types of substrates — so you can add the bells and whistles. Plus, since we serve thousands of clients, we have loads of dies on hand, helping make such additions cost-effective. Some clients send out multiple versions of their holiday card (using it as a true marketing initiative), and sending out higher-value pieces to higher-value clients. Our experts are happy to consult with you to help you leverage your database, develop great creative, and measure results.

The Offers — Finally, stop sending your holiday card as a one-way greeting. Like all your other direct mail, it too can incite interaction. Considering digital printing’s 5–7% response rate, why throw away a good opportunity? Send your recipients special year-end coupons, new-year enticements, annual summaries with rewards, or other offers. Or, make your holiday card their chance to sign up for a customer-exclusive loyalty program or get bonus points. Think about your particular products and services and their buying cycles. What’s happening in your market during the holidays? Are there certain offerings you should be pushing? If you’re a restaurant, offer a discount on New Year’s Eve catering. If you’re an accountant, perhaps an “early bird” tax preparation deal. If you’re a graphic designer, make a push for customers’ upcoming annual or sustainability reports. Don’t limit yourself to what’s germane now; push other products that are slipping due to seasonality. It can also be interesting to give recipients a coupon or freebie offer they can pass along to others to help you draw in new business. Whatever you decide, take advantage of digital print’s variable data, personalization, and barcoding abilities.

Need some examples of highly effective business holiday cards? Ready to talk through how you can execute your own clever idea? Give the elves at Digital Lizard a call at 1-800-494-6155 or click below. We’re ready to help you make this year’s card the best ever!

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