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Creating Your First Digital Print Campaign

Posted by Janice O'Driscoll on March 6, 2018 at 2:31 PM



Digital printing has been around for a long time, but for many people, it may be new. Perhaps you work at a catalog or magazine business and have always done long-run web printing. Or maybe you’re a new graphic designer or marketer starting out. Others may have held back because of the “toner” look or need to replicate Pantones or specialty mixes.

But digital printing has come a long way. With the superior smoothness, vibrancy, and near-100% match to offset quality, HP Indigo digital printing is moving more companies to entirely digital workflows. Whatever your situation, you’ll find that digital printing offers tons of benefits. Here are 4 areas where you can really tap its potential.

Personalize — The ability to customize every piece is one of the best features of digital printing. Few direct marketers mail to a generic “resident” anymore; rather, they intersperse personalized names and other content throughout the piece. This can include locational information, loyalty points, pURLs, and more. On a simpler scale, you can swap out colors and photos to better appeal to specific demographics. Because of the variable data flexibility, you can develop more creative, innovative, and exciting campaigns. If you’re not sure how to segment your database — or what personalized elements may boost your return — just ask your digital print partner.

Take Advantage of Cost-Efficiencies & Quick Production Times — If you’re used to the traditional 10 working days from time of order, you’ll be happy to know that you can save a lot of time with digital printing. At Digital Lizard, most of our projects are completed within 48 hours! You’ll see a digital proof within a few hours, and you can correct, change, or approve with a few keystrokes. Better yet, if you need to replace art or rebuild a file, cost in minimal, if any. So, you’ll be better able to meet deadlines, accommodate rush items, and make your boss very happy.

Utilize Multi-Location Delivery — Digital presses can be synched with each other with exacting color controls and other quality assurances. If you work with the same supplier, this means you can reproduce any project at any point in time and achieve precisely the same results. If you remember having to press check and repeatedly adjust, even on reprints, you’ll know this is a huge plus. This also means that if your supplier has multiple facilities, you can produce your items in batches at plants closest to their end destination. For those sending nationwide, the freight and postage savings can be significant, not to mention reducing the valuable time and potential damage in the mail cycle.

Go Green — Finally, there are no “overruns” in digital printing. You simply order and pay for  what you need. So you avoid having to store and trash items that otherwise get dated or obsolete. For items that your company runs in bulk, you can preserve them by producing offset “shells” with the content that doesn’t change, then imprinting them later digitally — sometimes black ink only. This “hybrid” approach saves companies tons of money, while making production extremely easy. Some applications include member newsletters, affinity program materials, presentations, and even business cards. Because you’re making the most of your pieces, you reduce waste and enhance your green appeal. There are also hundreds of eco-friendly digital stocks (recycled, recyclable, even tree-free) to take your actions even further!

Before you get started, take a look at some print samples off our HP Indigos and Xerox iGens, including our breakthrough HP Indigo 50000 press. Check out our video at or contact us below!

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