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You’re a Good Marketer if…

Posted by Janice O'Driscoll on February 6, 2017 at 3:17 PM

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Marketing is an art. It takes discipline, passion, and a lot of hard work. But while practice may make perfect for a violin virtuoso, it takes a certain temperament — and some shrewd thinking — to become a marketing maestro.

As omnichannel marketing becomes the norm, marketers can find themselves on shaky ground. The combination of traditional and digital marketing still has a lot of kinks to work through. While some people may thrive in the good fortune of a patient boss (or client), others aren’t so lucky. With an estimated 64% of corporations conducting “agency reviews” this year (Ad Age, January 9, 2017), performance is under the microscope.

Beyond achieving higher click-through rates (CTRs) and improving your pay per click (PPC), there are other measures of marketing effectiveness. It's helpful to know these so you can defend your agency's stake in customers' businesses or your own position at your firm. The following four things can be evidence of your value — and your standing as a good marketer.

1. You Use Customer Data — Most companies amass a treasure trove of customer data, but few use its true potential. While using contact names can add personal appeal, good marketers find ways to add impact. Think out of the box. If you have data on age, gender, race, income, and education, use it. Your efforts don’t always have to be a hard sell. Good marketers use customer data to improve ongoing business. Use a mailer to solicit feedback, clean your lists, or simply gather more data. Or send out a digitally printed test campaign to sort and segment your customer profiles. The more you leverage your data, the more clarity you'll have. Plus, you'll be able to improve your relevance — the key to inspiring customer action.

2. You Aren’t Afraid to Propose (Purposeful) New Ideas — Picturing a canned good to say “we can” or sending a mannequin arm to “lend a hand”… well, we've all seen some interesting ideas. But it takes a good marketer to devise great ones. This means taking into account your objectives, your customers, and your brand every time you brainstorm. Suggesting a can or an arm may seem a bit silly. But in the right circumstances, perhaps it's not. Kick around ideas with your peers, run thoughts past friends and family, and collaborate with your printing partner (they’ve seen tons of promotions and know which ones work). Then pitch your boss and clients a well-conceived innovation specifically for their company, industry, and image. Novelty for novelty’s sake doesn’t typically produce results. But a purposeful campaign can be a stroke of genius.

3. You Invite Engagement — Whether reaching out digitally or with print, good marketers inspire their audience not just to read, but to participate. Your customers see product catalogs, services pricing, weekly sales circulars, real estate listings, and menus all the time. Unless they’re looking for such an item, the effect is minimal. Good marketers amplify results by getting their audience involved in their wares — even if they weren’t looking. Gain momentum with clever outreach initiatives, contests, “flash” deals, or in-store or web events. Or consider “limited release” products, exclusive perqs, or specific days/times for valued clients. When customers feel that they are part of your business, they're more inclined to contribute to its success.

4. You Listen to Customers … and Respond — The most important determination of whether or not you’re a good marketer rests in client interaction. Do you welcome their thinking — and integrate it into your operational, marketing, personnel, and capital investment decisions? Good companies say they’re connected with customers, but great companies actually do it. Thus, good marketers work with social media and direct mail feedback and implement ideas to devise better products and services. It might not be easy, but it can put you a step ahead. And as you adopt this thinking, you'll reach more of your champions who will continue the excitement you started. What better proof of a truly good marketer?

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