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Using Print to Increase Social Media Activity

Submitted by Janice O'Driscoll on February 20, 2017 at 11:58 AM

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In today’s business world, there are more ways to reach customers than ever. Yet, managing every channel, interaction, and preference can be unwieldy, not to mention expensive. While large enterprises may have the resources to deploy an effective omnichannel marketing campaign, few small and mid-sized businesses do. Instead, they are focusing on more cost-effective efforts… more specifically, social media marketing.

Social marketing is no “silver bullet.” It takes time and strategy. Just like the corporate website, having a social media platform may not be enough. If you build it, they might not come. In fact, you might have to push them to get there.

If you’re looking to market with social media, you need a good plan — and the support of a proven channel. Here are a few ideas to leverage print in social media engagement.

1. Create Awareness — A recent report by the Direct Marketing Association found that 34% of consumers responded to direct mail by searching online for additional information. Since social media (and your website, for that matter) is more effective when quick and concise, direct mail can be the perfect way to start the conversation.

Send out a digitally printed postcard introducing your offering — and your social media site. You can keep postage (and print) costs down with a 6" x 4.25" piece or stand out with an oversized mailer. Either way, make sure you’re offering some incentive to “like,” “follow,” or sign up for updates. The promise of exclusive content or special savings can be very motivating.

2. Promote Event Attendance — Events that demonstrate your product, show happy consumers using it, or simply make your company seem exciting can be extremely effective. But these can be a lot of work. Plus, if you’re a small company, it might be difficult to find space, refreshment and decoration budgets, or even enough interested consumers. Simplify this by hosting an event on facebook — as a live webinar or archived video. Then support “attendance” with mailers, flyers, labels added to merchandise or receipts, one-day coupons, etc. Since your event space will be small, you can get away with five or so digitally printed posters that you can tile together for a professional-looking backdrop.

To play up your invite, consider a foil stamped or embossed invitation and handwritten envelope. This can really help evoke the personal connection. Check with your digital printer on what dies might already be available and whether a merchant might have a special deal on any discontinued stationery stock.

3. Drive Business-Building Feedback — While you may be reluctant to open your wall up to anyone, you still need to solicit (and use) customer feedback to better your business. Print cards with pURLs consumers can visit to give suggestions and get a coupon. Create a facebook “contest” and print postcards to encourage customers to vote on their favorite products. Send out personalized thank you notes and provide a special facebook offer. With digital printing, you can try small quantities of each, and track which ones work best for your audience. But don’t limit yourself to new items. Encourage social media engagement on your business cards and other stationery material. Check out for other ideas.

Finally, whatever you choose, make sure you have a means to gather contact information so you can continue to market to these customers as time goes on.

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