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Our Coolest Projects of 2016

Submitted by Janice O'Driscoll on December 29, 2016 at 2:04 PM

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2016 was a banner year for Digital Lizard. We mobilized our $20+ million in new equipment, brought our 40,000-square-foot fulfillment center online, and became the premier global beta site for the HP 50000 — a revolutionary digital press that rivals offset printing for high-quality color reproduction.

All the while, we produced some amazing work. To this, we are very proud. Of all our accomplishments, helping our loyal customers shine is the most rewarding. The following are a few 2016 projects that struck a chord.

Personalized Print
With our powerhouse 17 HP digital press lineup, Digital Lizard is the go-to source for digital color printing and targeted marketing. In 2016, we produced thousands of unique projects that leveraged full-color variable printing — of both images and data — for direct mail, personalized reports, custom photo books, calendars, short-run books, and more.

Serving virtually every large casino and hotel group (and their agencies) in Las Vegas, Digital Lizard is no stranger to complex personalization. These projects  can call for five to ten (or more!) personalized imaging areas — and multiple pieces — with guaranteed 100% match among them. This can include customers' names, player status, preferred games, loyalty tiers, and other unique elements. Using this robust data, we create direct mail with tailored offers, coupons, rewards, and calls to action — adding website response or redemption codes that enable tracking. Some also require a mix of offset and digital (or a hybrid approach, adding digital personalization to conventionally printed "shells"). In addition to navigating the production intricacies, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest print quality and exacting color to ensure adherence to brand standards. Plus, we are almost always able to complete and ship our digital projects in just 48 hours — keeping these high-volume clients extremely happy.

Full-Scale Rollouts
Our east coast facility was busy this year, running thousands of unique, highly complex programs and distributing them across the U.S. and Europe. One of its most intriguing projects was the launch of a themed restaurant concept for a global hotel chain. As a trusted partner, we were involved from concept to execution. We helped our client define needs, select materials, optimize design, and determine substrates and finishing techniques for each application. The result was a high-visibility, variable digitally printed, point-of-sale launch that included more than 20 different floor graphic sets, elevator wraps, gym signage, menus, coasters, and more. Through our meticulous craftsmanship, we ensured 100% color match across static-cling, polypropylene, and paper stocks, while adding various customized features. Our team also managed distribution for 30+ restaurants — with materials personalized to each location and determined by square footage, menu availability, and geographic area.

Magazines & Publications
Our parent company, Creel, once again excelled in publication printing. One particularly complex piece was a 32-page insert celebrating the 100th issue of V Magazine. To accommodate a full-color crossover to the separate perfect-bound magazine, the insert needed to be pre-stitched and face-trimmed, and go through a second pass on the stitcher. Our Creel team didn’t take this challenge lightly. We put in more than 50 hours of planning; reviewed 20 design, stock, and bindery mockups; and conducted 15 bindery tests to ensure flawless execution. Our hard work paid off with client kudos, along with a prestigious Gold Ink Award — Creel’s 36th over the last five years.


Our Las Vegas-based fulfillment center thrived in 2016, with customers leveraging our 24/7, high-security facilities and expansive inventory control. Of our hundreds of projects, our most challenging were three high-visibility programs for a longtime client. With more than $1 billion in sales and tens of thousands of customers, our client needed a clever solution to clean and segment its lists while maximizing response rate. Rather than sending out a generic mailer or employing some off-the-shelf data hygiene software, the teams strategized a dimensional piece. Our first assignment included 20,000 mailers comprised of a custom-printed box, pamphlet, and tip-on. In addition to handling much of the print, our teams managed box assembly, material insertion, and shipping. The success of the first program led to additional jobs — the most recent growing to 50,000 units. This new VIP marketing campaign spans a heavily customized box, along with four digitally printed inserts and cards, each with targeted offers. Along with the digital printing, Digital Lizard is handling mailing and fulfillment, using data segmentation intelligence gleaned from the first mailing.

Finally, we expanded our corporate identity printing, bringing clients greater stock selections (include tree-free and duplex), specialty foils, embossing/debossing, and diecutting options. While we produced more than 500,000 orders of business cards and stationery for major casinos and large corporations, we most enjoyed our work with our entrepreneurs and startups. These folks especially appreciate our extensive on-site capabilities, which help reduce their costs and turn time. For us, it's humbling to be part of their journey.

In 2016, we certainly were blessed. We’d love to share more of these great projects with you — and help talk through some unique ideas for your company. Call Digital Lizard today at 866.494.6155 or click below.

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