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Now’s the Time to Start Thinking About Hybrid Printing

The ultimate goal of today’s print efforts is to better connect with your customers and prospects. This means increasing your relevance. A one-size-fits-all mentality no longer works. You need to...

Janice O'Driscoll

Already feeling pumpkin spice overload?

At Digital Lizard, we're here to save you from the onslaught of pumpkin-spiced everything this season. We're proud to say that all of our paper is 100% pumpkin-free

John Ammon

Becoming a Customer-Focused Company

Every company talks about being customer-focused, but few know where to start. Even businesses with dozens of “customer service reps” use these people only as order takers — disabling them from...

Janice O'Driscoll

Five Facts about Digital Lizard

We are thrilled to announce that Digital Lizard, along with parent company Creel, will be showcased as the cover story in the October 2016 issue of Printing Impressions. While the article covers...

Janice O'Driscoll

Creative Ways to Use QR Codes


The Quick Response (QR) code has become as ubiquitous as the Nike swoosh. Everywhere you go, these crazy-looking squares are luring consumers to learn more about a business and what it has to...

Janice O'Driscoll

Four Ways to Make Your Convention Printing Stand Out

Conventions are one of the best ways to get leads — and lots of them. Every year, an estimated 260 million visitors flock to 31,000 exhibitions1 hoping to gain a glimpse of the latest...

Janice O'Driscoll

Digital vs. Offset Printing: Choosing the Best Production Method for Your Print Project

These days, it can be tough to decide how to produce your latest creation. Digital technologies have gotten extremely advanced. Online/offline processes have changed. And there are effects and...

Janice O'Driscoll

Meet the Monster: The HP Indigo 50000


 Remember when we said we were getting a new awesome digital press?  It's happening.  She's almost here!

Nicole Silverman

Managing Digital Printing During the busy holiday season

The holidays seem to be getting earlier every year. Halloween stores are open, the Costco gift aisle is amassing, and the "How to Survive (insert nerve-racking holiday here)" articles have already...

Janice O'Driscoll

Happy Employees, Happy Customers

It’s no coincidence that companies with happy employees also have happy customers. But, what exactly is the correlation? They occupy different workspaces, enjoy vastly different compensation...

Janice O'Driscoll

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